Purdue will celebrate its 10th Dance Marathon, thanks to funding from the Purdue Student Government.

PSG passed the co-sponsorship bill for the annual Purdue University Dance Marathon (PUDM) at the senate meeting Wednesday night. Ricky Rivelli spoke on behalf of the organization, pitching the $2,000 donation to the student senators.

This year’s marathon has the ambitious goal of raising one million dollars for Riley Hospital for Children. If PUDM succeeds, it will achieve this goal faster than any previous attempts in its age group at the national level.

“(PUDM is) bringing together over 2,000 students with the common goal of achieving philanthropic excellence,” Rivelli said. “It not only brings the Purdue student body together; it has the added bonus of bringing together the entire Purdue community. Faculty gets involved; Purdue families get involved.”

The other topic of discussion was a program called the Student Intellectual Growth Task Force, which was commissioned by Purdue President Mitch Daniels. Dale Whittaker, the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, presented to the senators, explaining how Daniels wants to measure Purdue student success and growth.

Whittaker emphasized the extensive research put into the project and the recommendations that stem from it. The main purpose of the task force is to see how Purdue students are doing, where they are excelling, why they are excelling and how the University is doing in relation to other academic institutions.

He also informed the senators that the task force does not intend to use the statistics from the tests to create a ranking system within the University.

Meg Highley, the student body vice president, gave approval of the program, referring to Purdue as a strong research institution,and she appreciated the potential benefits of finding student strengths to help develop their academic skills.

Carlee Mae Barmby, a senator in the College of Health and Human Sciences, agreed with Highley. Barmby said, “I thought it was a quite interesting idea ... the points that (Whittaker) made about how it would be helpful for students when they go into the workforce, of showing by Purdue standards how ... (the program) will be really beneficial for students in the long run.”