This afternoon the University Senate endorsed two new policies concerning internal funds for research faculty and open access for University research  publications.

There were changes made to the current policy regarding research faculty. With the endorsed policy changes, schools and colleges will be able to give researchers up to 25 percent of their received funds. This will allow research faculty flexibility in writing grant proposals and attending conventions that are not directly related to the project for which researchers received external money. If this was not in place, researchers would have send back a certain amount of the external funds to the source.

The second policy change will allow for research faculty to be able to teach in the field which they do research in extreme circumstances. These circumstances would involve if a professor had to take off a semester and there needed to be a temporary professor.

Open access will allow for the publication of Purdue faculty's research articles online. This will cut back on University costs for program to view their own articles in online publications such as Elsevier.

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