Get ready for the super awesome yummy sparkly dangeorus sexy great deluxe special on the Choice blog!

Now that I've significantly lowered your expectations, let's move onto the blog's first ever "special" post. To honor last week's most serious game of tag, Humans vs. Zombies, today's post will feature two out of many people who enjoyed the benefits of killing the pesky undead lurking around campus.

It was no small feat to simply pick who to feature. When I arrived to claim two more names to the Choice roster, I could've chosen anyone out on the playing field. But choose I must, and I think it turned out well. Both humans had three semester's worth of experience and had no lack of badassery stored away in their tactical vests (I also learned what a tactical vest is).

But a common feature with everyone who participated was that the spirit of the game was markedly more alive than any zombie.


Emily Gray, Sophomore in College of Liberal Arts

How would you describe your approach to styling up for HVZ?

Well generally, I just try to wear anything that I know won't get in the way. So I don't wear baggy pants or anything that I might trip over when I'm running. Other than that, on a day like today I wore three layers of everything. The most important thing would be the tactical vest, this is actually the first year that I've used one. But it's just such a big deal to hold your ammo and everything because you can't make it with one clip. So it's a big deal to have a tactical vest.

So what have you learned from previous years?

My first semester, I got taken out because I tried to be a badass and hunt zombies and it didn't work. And my second time, I got taken out when my squad ran without telling me. So basically, I learned to not look for trouble. 'Cause if you go looking for trouble, generally you'll find it and they usually are the ones that beat your ass.

What would you say is your favorite thing about dressing up for HVZ?

Oh by far, it's just the – it's kind of like being a kid again. You dress up, you run around with Nerf guns, you shoot zombies, you go on missions... Even when people act like they take it very seriously, it's all just a very big game of tag. It's really fun and it's a good way to blow off steam.

So what's your favorite part of what you're wearing?

My favorite part would probably be the blowgun holder back here. (gestures to her back where it was previously hidden to my sight) Because I've never been able to actually bring my blowgun because I can't carry it around. Now I've got this thing so I can bring it whenever I need to. It's very helpful if you get into a tight spot, so it's nice to have.


Bryce Melton, Senior in College of Technology

Can you describe your HVZ outfit?

Right now, I'm actually wearing a kilt that's my clan's tartan. And then I just typically wear a tactical vest for my ammo. And that's basically it.

What would you say your inspirations were?

My character, his description is that he's a former Scottish soldier, so this just kind of goes along with his character's description of wearing the kilt and all that goes with it. As an NPC (non player character), I'm partially staff, but we go and help advance the plot along. And so to kind of help get us in character, we make it so that we're not just our normal selves. We develop a character to represent us. [When I inquired about the kilt further, he replied:] Actually, last summer I did a study abroad in Ireland, and went early and spent some time in London and Scotland. I actually got it tailor-made while I was in Scotland.

What's your favorite part about your HVZ-ready outfit?

I would almost say my vest, it just makes me feel good! It's really comfortable and really fun to just start walking around campus with it on. You get all the people looking around at you and going, "wow, that's really cool."

What would you say is your biggest motivation to continue doing this?

It's fun. I love it, you meet a lot of great people and it's tons of fun.