Scientifically inclined Purdue students now have a venue to publish research-based findings.

The Purdue University Press will soon be publishing The Journal of Undergraduate Research. The journal will present faculty-advised student research in a variety fields.

"Purdue is a world leader in undergraduate research, but there was previously no central showcase of the almost 2,000 research projects that are done every year," Charles Watkinson, director of the Purdue University Press, wrote in an e-mail. "Undergraduate research opportunities have never been so rich at Purdue, so now feels like a really good opportunity to tell the world."

The program has received $90,000 in funding for the next three years of publishing. It will appear in print as well as publicly available online. According to Paul Sliker, senior in the College of Liberal Arts and journal coordinator, the first issue should be available in the fall.

"We have already received a good response from the student body," Sliker said. "There has been much more interest than I expected."

Students are to submit 250 to 500 word summaries of their research to an editorial board before their proposal is accepted. An editorial board of students and faculty reviews all submissions and will pick approximately six students to publish full articles.

The selected students will then work with the editorial board to create the full article.

"Many institutions have (undergraduate research journals), but most have trouble being sustainable," Sliker said. "This is because of the constantly changing nature of the student body."

He hopes to overcome this issue by maximizing student involvement in the process. The entire process will be student run with faculty serving only as advisors.

"With such a strong foundation, we are convinced we can make JPUR the best known and most widely used undergraduate research journal in the world," Watkinson wrote. "So our hopes are to be the best in class, period."

Proposals are due by Feb. 15 at