President Mitch Daniels will be involved in the 2016 presidential race after all.

Co-chairs of the Commission on Presidential Debates Frank Fahrenkopf, Jr. and Michael McCurry, announced on Wednesday that Daniels was elected as one of six members for the CPD's board of directors for the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

The CPD is charged with the task of deciding a location and a moderator, among other important details, for the next presidential debate. Daniels will be one of six members who will undertake this task along with Charles Gibson, former anchor of ABC World News with Charles Gibson; Jane Harman, director, president and CEO of the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars; Leon Panetta, chairman of the Panetta Institute for Public Policy; Olympia Jean Snowe, former U.S. Senator; and Dr. Shirley Tilghman, former president of Princeton University.

In a statement from Fahrenkopf and McCurry, the pair outlined their reasoning behind choosing the members that they did.

"Presidential debates reach more viewers and listeners than any other political programming. They educate voters and motivate citizens to learn about the candidates and the issues. The CPD is dedicated to developing formats that will allow these exchanges to best serve the public, and we are grateful to engage our six new directors in planning for 2016. Their individual and collective experience in public service, media and education is extensive and respected. We are honored to have them join the CPD."

Though Daniels will have important decisions to make in the next year, as the announcement for site selection guidelines for the debate will be made in January, he wants to quell any concerns that it will take away from his current duties as Purdue's president.

“I keep any non-Purdue activities very limited, but given the caliber (of) people involved, I couldn’t say no to this particular request,” Daniels said.