A Purdue student said she will leave Purdue if the new president raises tuition.

The University has designated Gov. Mitch Daniels as Purdue’s next president; he will begin in January as his second term as governor ends. While the news has received mixed responses from students and faculty, many wish it to be a smooth transition.

Hailey Stein, a sophomore in the College of Engineering, said she is not pleased about the way Purdue handled their selection process.

“They definitely should have asked more students before making the decision,” Stein said. “Mitch Daniels has no experience in higher education whatsoever. It’s only a matter of time when he starts making cuts in our budget and raising our tuition to build himself a statue on campus.”

Daniel Metcalf, a senior in the College of Liberal Arts, said while he disagrees with much of what Daniels stands for as a politician, Metcalf will have to wait and see his progress.

“I’m not really sure what to expect from him,” Metcalf said. “I think it was a bold move for Purdue to elect the Indiana governor as the next president. Maybe they have a big plan for Purdue in the future.”

Daniels was under fire in September when State Rep. Charlie Brown filed an ethics complaint against Daniels regarding his transitional period between governorship in Indiana and presidency at Purdue. In October, Inspector General David Thomas ruled that Daniels does not have to oblige to the one-year transitional period rule because he did not negotiate a contract between the state and Purdue.

Still though, Stein said it doesn’t make sense for Purdue to let Daniels get selected the way he did.

“Rules are there for a reason,” Stein said. “I feel like they tried to find a way so Daniels doesn’t have to be in violation of the law. In January when he takes his position and starts raising the tuition, I can assure you a lot of students will be pissed.”

Metcalf, on the other hand, said he doesn’t think Daniels will make a change in the tuition so soon.

“Daniels has a good understanding of the economic crisis we’re in, it would be not right of him to raise the tuition,” Metcalf said. “Daniels, I think, is a good leader despite some of my disagreements with his politics. But I can’t deny my excitement of having the Indiana governor as our next president. He should do great.”