As President Daniels walked down the steps of Hovde Hall, the Boilermaker Special started to play the hit song “Gangnam Style” as dancers joined in from the crowd.

It was a special day for Daniels, as students congratulated and welcomed his stay during his third official day as president by performing a flash mob in front of Hovde Hall. Students from the All-American Marching Band and the Korean American Student Association came together as one on Thursday afternoon.

Molly Kim, a member of KASA and a freshman in the College of Education, said it was all for fun and having a good time.

“We heard about Mitch Daniels coming in as president and wanted to celebrate the new students and faculty coming to campus this semester,” Kim said.

Daniels opened the doors and walked out of Hovde and there was an instant round of applause from the staff and students waiting outside trying to beat out the cold. And as soon as the famous song “Gangnam Style” started to play, a wave of laughter and cheer grew louder from the crowd. The All-American Band also played “Hail Purdue” after the dance and Daniels joined in singing the anthem.

“No matter what happens this week, I will never forget this. Thank you very much,” Daniels said.

Purdue Student Government also participated in organizing the event. Sara Yelich, the secretary of PSG and a senior in organizational leadership and supervision, said the flash mob was planned as part of their welcoming gift to Daniels.

“We wanted to give him a big Boilermaker hello,” Yelich said. “It’s just a great way to bring everyone together. Flash mobs are a big thing now, so we thought it would be a great way to welcome him.”

Yelich also said she respects and is impressed by Daniels’ current work on campus. She hopes he will work with the PSG towards a common goal for Purdue.

“It’s his first week and he’s very much involved on campus,” Yelich said. “I’m very excited to see what he’ll do this semester.”