With only six snow days in 30 years, Purdue canceled classes Wednesday.

President Mitch Daniels made the call around 6 a.m. Wednesday to shut down all non-essential operations on Purdue’s campus until 1 p.m. At around 11:20 a.m., the university made the call to shut down operations until 6 a.m. Thursday.

According to the Weather Channel, about six inches of snow began accumulating in the West Lafayette area in a 24-hour period.

Though the class cancellation marks the seventh in 30 years, it is the third for students and faculty who have been around for four or more years. The last two snow days occurred on back-to-back days in February 2011 during a time many students referred to as the “Snowpocalypse.” Previously, the other snow-related cancellations at Purdue happened in February 2007 and January of 1984, 1994 and 1999.

Chad Evans, chief meteorologist for WLFI 18, said this year has brought an unprecedented amount of snow, making it the snowiest winter since 1982.

The university issued a press release Wednesday stating the cancellation decision was made mainly to ensure the safety of off-campus students, faculty and staff. The issue with this storm, compared to similar ones with even more snowfall, was the timing. Most of the snow accumulated overnight and into early Wednesday morning, making campus preparations challenging.

Additionally, concern with roads, such as closures along I-65, made the university stop operations regardless of campus sidewalk conditions.

“Campus roads, sidewalks and parking lots have been cleared and are in adequate condition,” the press release stated.

According to Evans, the snow Tuesday and Wednesday will not be the only snowfall Purdue residents will see this week. Evans said though it’s a little early to tell with the system, there is a fair chance of a decent amount of snow.

“I’m confident that there is going to be at least some accumulating snow by the upcoming weekend,” Evans said.