Hicks library has lost the majority of its literature to other libraries and will become a place for more advanced, computer savvy classrooms.

At the beginning of last year, the back issues of several magazines and journals were removed from the large room in the basement of Hicks Undergraduate Library. This was transformed into a digital classroom with smart boards and over head projectors and 13 tables, Rae Lynn Boes, libraries operation manager, said.

“Instead of attending a large lecture hall where you listen to the professor and fall asleep,” Boes said, “we’re going to present the information online or in digital format and student will do the reading before class and the classes will be more activity centered.”

Because of the success of the classroom, Hicks will house two more like it by the start of the school year. One will be the basement where all the computers, scanners, color printers and ITaP assistants were. All of these have been moved to the main floor for public use.

The second will be in the area where the contemporary literature used to be placed. The contemporary literature collection has been moved to the Humanities, Social Sciences and Education library located in Stewart Center.

“It’s a more appropriate location,” Boes said. “It’s like the (contemporary literature) is going home.”

The media collection of DVDs, VHSs and CDs however, will remain in the library, as well as the course reserves. Students will still be able to rent out equipment from the front desk. The desk, on the left-side of the library when you enter, will house the ITaP assistants now.

This is all a part of the IMPACT initiative to improve student success through better classes and classrooms.