In the final University Senate meeting of the spring 2013 semester, athletics and academic regulations were the main topics of conversation.

In regards to the criticisms Purdue president Mitch Daniels faced with the athletic department when he first took office in January 2013, the athletic department is cracking down on students’ academic performance. In his open letter to Purdue, Daniels said one of the critiques was that “athletics, particularly in NCAA Division I (schools), is out of control both financially and as a priority of university attention,” but not necessarily from the academic standpoint.

As of fall 2013, all student athletes will be required to perform at or above all-campus cumulative GPA standards. Depending on how many credit hours a student has earned, that ranges from a 1.5 to 2.0 GPA. The aim for Purdue teams is to have a graduation success rate equal to or better than the NCAA’s Division I requirements.

The average GPA for student athletes in the fall 2012 semester was 3.00; last spring semester, the average was 3.01. During that time, student athletes’ overall academic success rate increased. The University dropped only two athletes in fall 2012 compared to eight in spring 2012.

The time frame for adding and dropping classes also has been revised.

For the fall and spring semesters, a student can add a course without administrative permission during the first week of classes. In the second to fourth weeks of classes, signatures from the instructor and academic adviser are required. From the fifth to ninth weeks of classes, the head of the department must also sign off on dropping the course. Dropping a class after the ninth week of classes is not permitted.

Dropping a course within the first week will not appear on students’ transcripts. Between the second and fourth weeks of classes, if students drop a course, that course will appear on their transcripts as a withdrawal. After the fourth week, academic advisers and instructors determine how withdrawing should appear on the student’s transcript based on the specific circumstances.

Although a proposal last month required students to be informed of their progress midway through the semester, that ultimately has been denied.

When retaking a course, a student may only do so twice. An equivalent course from another University may be substituted; however, only the credit will be transferred, not the grade.

The agenda of this meeting can be found on the Purdue University homepage under “University Senate.”