A new Purdue-compiled and published book offers a look into the University’s historic traditions and how it came to earn its world-renowned status.

Compiled by the Purdue Reamer Club, the second edition of “A University of Tradition: The Spirit of Purdue” is a 296-page full-color book featuring 286 photos of events, traditions and history, among other things.

In a recent Purdue news release, Bryan Shaffer, production and marketing manager for Purdue Press, said the book points out people, events and facts that can be appreciated by any Purdue fan.

“This book essentially is about what makes Purdue University special from its people – many of them famous – to its origins, the nickname and everyday student life,” Shaffer said. “For alumni, the book will bring back many fond memories. For today’s students, it will breathe life into how Purdue became a world-renowned academic university that is beloved by its alumni. For anyone connected to Purdue, the book offers a great sense of pride.”

The book is available to buy in hardback on the Purdue Press website at thepress.purdue.edu/titles/format/9781557536303, and the retail price is $29.95.