The chairman of the Board of Trustees said it’s a “great” opportunity to acquire an in-house legal counsel.

Keith Krach, chairman of the Board of Trustees, said the switch to hire Steven R. Schultz as the in-house legal counsel will save the University a lot of money.

“We think it’s a great opportunity to oversee our legal strategy, as well as get a handle on our legal expenses,” Krach said.

The prior firm, Stuart & Branigin, will stay on to handle a portion of the University’s outside legal work.

The announcement was made Jan. 28.

Krach said the trustees had been looking at hiring a new legal counsel for about a year. He also said they were looking at what other Big Ten universities had; most of them have an in-house legal counsel.

Krach said the hire was delayed to coincide with the appointment of President Mitch Daniels.

“We thought it was appropriate with the transition,” Krach said.