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July Board of Trustees Meeting Live Blog

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Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2012 2:15 pm

Treasurer Al Diaz said we need to conserve efforts about construction and improve the "R&R" program. R&R refers to renovating facilities when feasible and replace existing facilities when feasible. He is presenting the ten-year capital plan.

This plan includes a $89 million classroom/library building.

He says it all depend on the success of the Decadel funding plan.

Ken Sandel, director of physical and capital planning, has taken the stand. He said they were presented with 270 R&R projects.

The classroom/library will be in the Student Success Corridor.

"We're looking to replace classrooms with this," Sandel said. This will empty Heavilon, ENAD and Smith, among others. Some of the buildings they are looking to demolish to reduce R&R costs.

The buildings are Smith, South end of Lily and Heavilon. No date on when.

Sands said we need to re-think the way classrooms are done. The desks and tiered stairs are not working. He said IMPACT classrooms are a good step, but take up more space per student.

The Agriculture and Life Sciences Project for R&R is being presented by Sandel.

Some projects for the 10 year plan include Hicks, new pharmacy building, agriculture and life sciences, and biomedical engineering addition.

Chairman Kieth Krach is asking about the $14M softball field. He said there could be a lot of scholarships made out of that money. He said that he's like to ask Morgan Burke if he wouldn't be more interested in spending it on the students. Diaz said Burke already did a study and will come out with results soon.

The 10- year plan has been approved.

The Board has named the renovated sports center the France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center. Lehman asked McCormack to make the motion to approve; she did.

All in favor.

The motion has passed for the Civil Engineering building to become the Delon and Elizabeth Hampton Hall of Civil Engineering.

He gave $7.5 million in gift.

The renovations for the second and third floors and part of the basement of Young Hall has been approved.

The Board is now discussing the Vawter Field Housing. This is an over $27 million project.

Construction is scheduled to begin August 2012 and be completed by June 2014.

This has been approved.

The center for student excellence and leadership is now under discussion. It is up for a construction award contract. It will hold student organizations and some administrative offices. This will on the corner of Third Street and Jischke Drive.

Construction scheduled to begin in August 2012. This is a $19.6 million project.

The project is being funded by a combined bid which will have some savings.

 Berghoff said this project is owed to the work of several people – former president France Córdova, the athletic department and donors.

He said the athletic department should not be overlooked as most people accuse the department of "siphoning off funds" from the University.

He said when students come back and the project is complete, he hopes this becomes the Union for student leadership.

This was approved.

The committee is now discussing phase II of the bathroom renovation project. This will renovate the first five floors of Harrison Hall south tower. This is phase two of nine to improve appearance and privacy of bathrooms.

This was approved.

McMains is presenting the culinary support center. White says he and Trustee Don Thompson want more time to review the center construction proposal. He says their experience will aid them in their review. White is the CEO of White Lodges and Thompson is CEO of McDonalds.

 The approval to plan is approved.

 IUPUI - Fort Wayne East Coliseum Pedestrian Bridge discussion begins. Ivy Tech was supposed help share expenses, as they benefit from this. They were "on-board" originally, but they backed out when there were financial problems.

Trustee Gary Lehman said Purdue should ask Ivy Tech to help with funding. White agrees. Trustee Mike Berghoff has suggested approving it by withholding fees for design until get an answer from Ivy Tech. White is voting to amend Berghoff's motion that we precede subject to getting a commitment that Ivy Tech, ideally 50-50 percent for pre-work and financing.

Berghoff said the problem is trying to avoid building a bridge that hardly any one uses that benefits Ivy Tech and costs  $4.5 million and the State and the University is paying for.

The Board has moved to the physical facilities meeting. Robert McMains opens with a proposal for approval to plan for the math sciences plaza and utility tunnel waterproofing and repairs project. It's an over $3 million project and will take about 5.5 months. This has been approved. Construction is expected to start after spring 2013 commencement and finish Oct. 2013. This was approved.

Dean of Technology Gary Bertoline has begun is presentation on the college overview and vision. He says a key habit will be "students first in all we do." Some goals for the college include more research, generating their own revenue, reducing teacher loads and increasing the number of women in the college. The college has the lowest numbers of women. Bertoline also said he wants to clear up the confusion of what is meant by technology.

Some of the strategic initiatives include innovation, sTem education, robotics and a Next Generation manufacturing complex on campus, among others.

He said to google "Grinter" which he says is a dead-on report on how stem instruction should be with more theoretical and science-based teaching, but also applied teaching, which some educators have rejected. He wants to get back to this.


A posthumous degree for Amalia Barber has been approved. She would have been a candidate from graduation next month.

Degree for bachelor of science in technical communication for IUPUI campus passes.

The degree for a bachelor of arts in applied computer science for the IUPUI campus passes.

There is a request for two new degrees for the IUPUI campus – a bachelor of arts in applied computer science and a bachelor of science in technical communication. The Board seems to need persuasion on how effective the applied computer science is. They are asking questions about how effective it will be in the job market, if students will finish the degree, if there are enough students interested, etc.

The Board is discussing the new degree for West Lafayette campus – environmental and ecological engineering. Student trustee Miranda McCormack asked how it is different from the current multi-disciplinary engineering degree. The difference is the addition of ecology and students from the previous degree may transfer over, however there will be no new students taken. The degree request is approved.

David Radcliffe has been appointed as the Kaymar Haghighi Head of Engineering Education. Arvind Varma has been appointed as the Jay and Cynthia Ihlenfeld Head of Chemical Engineering.

This Board of Trustees meeting is acting president Tim Sands' first Board of Trustee meeting under his new title. There are a number of items on the agenda dealing with academic affairs, physical facilities, finance and audit and insurance.

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