At the stated Board of Trustees meeting Friday, the trustees approved items such as new department heads, the 2013 faculty health plans and the construction of a new softball facility.

After the approval of such items, acting president Tim Sands gave a report about topics ranging from the need for online courses in Purdue's future to  the current environment of higher education.

Sands spoke about the benefits of Mass Open Online Courses being incorporated into the Purdue education, and the need to "put stakes in the ground."

Sands was asked by Board of Trustees chairman Keith Krach, whether there was a date or strategic plan set for such courses yet.

"No, not yet," Sands responded. "Right now, what we're doing is a lot of experiments, but we're going to be pushing on all fronts."

In terms of the current environment of higher education, Sands said areas to improve include items, such as an engineer shortage, new learning technologies and techniques and return in manufacturing.

Purdue's proactive response to these items include engineering strategic growth, the IMPACT program, research/technology parks and TAP.

The meeting also touched on agenda items dealing with academic affairs, educational policy and undergraduate student retention. The trimester system was also brought up, and it is to be one of the main topics of Monday's University Senate meeting.