Today, the Purdue Native American Educational and Cultural Center will be hosting a program about the Native American view of the first Thanksgiving.

The program titled “The First Thanksgiving: History and Insight from a Native American Perspective” will feature the PBS documentary “After the Mayflower,” which is about the Native American chief Massosoit of the Wampanoag Nation and his interactions with the first American colonists.

The film will explain Massosoit’s decision to ally with the colonists, and its repercussions several generations later. A discussion will follow the documentary.

Felicia Ahasteen–Bryant, the director of the Native American Educational and Cultural Center, said the documentary features key settlers and Native Americans from the 1600s.

“It’s talking about the native people back in the 1620s,” Ahasteen–Bryant said.

This event is part of the Lunch and Learn series of the Cultural Awareness and Language Program of Housing and Food Services.Stuart Bilan, a sophomore in the College of Engineering, expressed interest in going to the event and seeing history from another point of view.

“Everybody today sees Thanksgiving as an everyday thing ... it would be an interesting thing to see how this holiday came to be,” Bilan said.

This free event will run from 11:30 a.m.–2:00 p.m. in the Jade Room of Shreve Hall. Food will be provided.

“We encourage everyone to come out to learn about this topic,” Ahasteen–Bryant said. The book was published October 15th, 2011.