Thursday, a forum allowed students to learn about internships and jobs in companies spanning from beer distributors to steelworkers.

The Krannert School of Management Spring Career Fair started on Wednesday and will continue through today. On Thursday, hopeful students looking for jobs and internships attended a career fair including 105 companies. Today’s activities will include interviews from companies.

Senior Robert Lechner, a volunteer at the event, said while the event is sponsored by Krannert, the wide variety of the companies’ services and the amount of jobs can help students of any major.

“People from all majors are encouraged to come,” Lechner said.

Jessica Fouse, a recruiter from Astral Industries, said she had seen a lot more sophomores and freshmen than in previous years. She said it was good for students to get out and find what careers interested them. Fouse said students should try to talk to companies as soon as they can.

“It’s really good for students to be proactive,” Fouse said.

Fouse said the career fair was a good opportunity for students to both meet with companies and sell their talents.

“We want to introduce ourselves to students and learn about them,” Fouse said. “We want to know what they can do.”

The event offered free professional photos for students to use on sites such as LinkedIn. Lechner said this is an opportunity students may not have had before.

“I think a lot of people want to use it for networking and will use it on sites such as LinkedIn, Blackboard, and other sites,” Lechner said.

Reactions to the fair were very positive. Blaire Kinslow, a junior in the College of Pharmacy, said she enjoyed the experience. Kinslow said it was a great opportunity for her to meet people even though she was not a business major. She said she got to network with several companies she was interested in working at.

“Even though (the career fair) was not in my college it was very helpful,” Kinslow said.