The Muslim Student Association hopes to educate campus and banish misconceptions about the Islamic faith.

Purdue campus is full of many different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. On a campus with such diversity, learning other cultures may help bring understanding. The Muslim Student Association hopes to accomplish just that. The group is hosting Islam Awareness Week this week through Friday.

“Nearly 25 percent of the world’s population are Muslim and we’re being misrepresented by less than .1 percent,” said Sanam El-Quesny, secretary of the Muslim Student Association. “We need to give people a different outlook.”

Fahad Shahab, an alumnus from the College of Engineering, helped establish the first Islam Awareness week on campus a few years ago.

“Purdue is very diverse — this is an opportunity for everyone on campus to learn, participate and interact,” said Shahab.

Islam Awareness Week will host multiple speakers in the evenings, as well as informational tables on campus at the Class of 1950 Lecture Hall and Stewart Center during the day.

“We’ll have a table outside with a bunch of information about Islam, some cultural foods and people can get henna as well,” said El-Quesny.

Omer Hassan, a senior in the College of Technology, was encouraged by the number of people showing interest in their faith. Over 300 flyers were dispersed on the first day of their week long event. The Purdue community is free to come to the table and ask questions about what they’ve read.

El-Quesny said evening speakers will cover topics like Islamaphobia and common misconceptions about the faith. Wednesday night’s event will include a Jewish, Christian and Muslim interfaith panel to discuss their faith and how they can all contribute to campus.

“We can all have a better impact with a positive message, together,” said El-Quesny.