Undergraduate admissions is now offering a more user-friendly application for those trying to become future Boilermakers.

The Common Application, or just simply known as the Common App, has been adopted by Purdue’s undergraduate admissions. The Common App provides high school seniors one simple application they can fill out to send to over 500 universities and colleges. This means the same application students will use for Purdue can also be submitted to such colleges as Columbia, Harvard and Duke Universities.

By using this platform, the hope is to ease the students’ worry of tracking individual college applications, said Mitch Warren, the director of undergraduate admissions.

“The process provides students free organizational tools for college applications,” Warren said. “Students have the ability to submit and track applications to multiple higher educational institutions on one interface and it essentially enables high school seniors to focus on what is really important as they complete their high school careers — preparing for college.”

There isn’t much difference from the traditional Purdue application to the new Common App, except the Common App is easier for students and families to use. However, Purdue requires an additional writing sample which asks about how potential Boilermakers think Purdue will help them achieve their life goals.

Applications sent to Purdue are consistently increasing; 30,903 were received during the 2012-2013 school year alone. Warren said he doesn’t doubt the number will keep going up and Purdue’s use of the Common App will make it easy for students who are debating about applying to Purdue.

“Since the Common Application is extremely student friendly, I believe the ability to help simplify and organize the process is appealing,” Warren said.

This change in the undergraduate admissions doesn’t mean other programs at Purdue will follow suit.

Janet Beagle, director of admissions in the Graduate School, said graduate school applicants will have to keep using Purdue’s own application.

“The Graduate School will continue to have its own application, separate from the undergraduate Common App,” Beagle said.

The early action deadline for undergraduate admissions is Nov. 1. The date is also the deadline to be considered for merit scholarships and for admission to the Honors College, College of Nursing and veterinary technology programs.