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Student hit by bus outside of Stewart Center, condition unconfirmed

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Posted: Monday, April 1, 2013 11:52 am | Updated: 11:30 pm, Wed Apr 2, 2014.

UPDATE as of 5:20: The injured bicyclist was Andrew Fant, who is enrolled in the undergraduate studies program. His condition is still unconfirmed but Fant is in the intensive care unit of St. Elizabeth Hospital East.

According to Jeanne Norberg, director of Public Information at Purdue, a video taken by CityBus at the time showed that Fant was wearing earbuds and had his head down when he drove his bike into the side of the bus at about 11:20 a.m. Monday.

A male was struck by a CityBus pulling into Oval Drive on Monday morning.

The man, who was riding a bike, was hit by a Silver Loop bus outside of Stewart Center on Monday morning. The accident occurred at roughly 11:20 a.m., as the bus was rounding the corner off of State Street. Witnesses reported that he was unresponsive, and his condition remains unconfirmed.

The area near the accident has been cleared and now open to regular traffic. CityBus has confirmed after watching video footage of the accident that the male on the bike ran into the bus.

"We do know that it appears the bike collided with the side of the bus," said a CityBus official. CityBus will be reviewing the accident to determine the cause of the accident. When asked what was happening with the driver, CityBus responded that "there is a procedure in place with any accident regardless of who is in fault and they are working through the process with the driver at this point."

The cyclist was apparently heading east off Memorial Mall and the bus was headed north on Memorial Mall Drive when the bike appeared to have collided with the side of the bus.

According to Norberg the bicyclist was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital East with what appeared to be serious injuries.

Hannah Alexander, a sophomore in the College of Liberal Arts, was onboard the bus when the accident occurred.

"All of sudden, we're pulling up in front of Stewart, and the whole back of the bus lifted up," Alexander said. "We thought somebody hit the bus, and we come out, and there's a body laying on the ground, and there's blood everywhere ... I'm just really shaken up about this."

Alexander said she wasn't sure about the condition of the victim, but that he appeared to be unresponsive.

"We got off the bus, and we saw him," Alexander said. "He was unresponsive. I tried to give them space."

Megan Barnes, a senior in the College of Science, said she arrived on the scene moments after the accident, describing it as shocking.

"I walked up, there might have been one police car here ... It was like something you'd see out of a movie," Barnes said. "It was some scary stuff."

Barnes, whose sister is a paramedic, said that it was a good sign that the ambulance left the scene with sirens on.

"If they just have the lights on, and they leave the scene, then there's either no chance or they're dead at the scene," Barnes said. "If they leave with sirens on, then (it's a good sign)."

Traffic is still moving along State Street but is restricted through Memorial Drive. CityBus routes that travel through Memorial Drive will be re-routed during the police investigation according to a Representative from CityBus. 

The Exponent will continue to follow this story.

Editor's note: This story was corrected to take out the term "student." It has not been confirmed that the victim is a student.

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