The senator who has been representing Indiana since 1976 made a campaign stop in West Lafayette to tour the city's wastewater treatment plant and to drum up some last minute support before Indiana's primary election on Tuesday.

Sen. Dick Lugar, R-Ind., observed the facilities of the plant with West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis and director of the plant David Henderson as they filled Lugar in on the details of how the plant produces renewable energy.

Lugar said the experience he has when it comes to communicating with world leaders takes years to accumulate.

"This experience cannot be replicated and will not be for sometime," Lugar said.

Lugar is running against Richard Mourdock, Indiana's State Treasurer. In recent polls, Mourdock has seen success in drawing a distinction between his newer political career and Lugar's 35 years spent in Washington D.C. However, Lugar said he has been through tough campaign races before and remains undeterred.

"As people get ready to vote tomorrow, a degree of common sense and reality will return," Lugar said. "You can have all sorts of ideas, but when it comes to the prosperity of our country or the opportunities available for students; these are very sober decisions as opposed to the emotions that may have flowed throughout a campaign."

Mourdock will also be visiting Tippecanoe County today with a stop at Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church at 4 p.m.