A new micro-brew and craft beer bar with an open food policy will be opening on Purdue’s campus.

The new bar, located on the corner of State Street and River Road, at the former location of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, will be called The Pint. It will have 15 taps that will be constantly rotated with new craft beers, according to the co-owner and Purdue alumnus Patrick Hagmeier.

The Pint will have an “extremely limited menu” said Hagmeier. Instead, it will boast an open food policy for patrons where they can carry in whatever they want.

Hagmeier also stated that local menus will be available to customers and they will have the option to have the food of their choice delivered. Floor plans will be given to local partners to ease deliveries.

The bar will also distribute 50 to 70 different bottled beers and possess a small wine collection to keep up with the variety of costumers’ tastes. The Pint is modeled after bars such as World of Beer and The Tap, in Bloomington, Ind. but has a less strict all and only beer policy.

“We have seen this model work in many different markets,” Hagmeier said.

The Pint will have an ambiance much like a “coffeehouse for beer.” The bar will not be selling hard alcohol.

“There are places for that, but we don’t want the loud music ... or mixed cocktails,” Hagmeier said. He stressed the importance that the bar needs to have a quaint atmosphere for the micro brew enthusiast cache on campus.

Prices at The Pint will remain competitive; a pint costing around $5. This price may rise to around $7 for specialty brews.

Currently, the owners are waiting to attain their alcohol license from the state. Hagmeier says that the bar will be open all week; during weekdays, it will open at 3 p.m. and at noon on weekends. Hagmeier said he did not know about closing times, as the state has strict policies regarding the time of alcohol sales.