This Valentine's Day, don't be surprised if a group of students serenades one of your classmates or professors during lecture.

The Purdue Musical Organizations will be delivering singing valentines around campus, the Greater Lafayette area and over the phone on Monday. Katie Peine, a senior in the College of Technology and member of the Purduettes, has been doing singing valentines for four years. One of the funniest moments for her includes going to a huge lecture and singing to someone in front of the whole class.

"It's a really fun, different idea for a Valentine gift," Peine said.

For more than eight years, Purdue Musical Organizations has held this entertaining tradition, Steve Schlenk, the director of operations, said.

"This is an opportunity for students to reach out in the community," said Schlenk.

Previously, groups made of only the Purdue Varsity Glee Club and Purduettes performed the songs. Changes have been made to include all students from the different ensembles involved with the organization. Though the singing valentines come with a price, the money is used to pay for the flower, cookie and personal card that come with the song.

Reactions range from laughter to pure embarrassment to shock but it almost always is an entertaining experience for both the performers and recipients. A variety of people buy and receive the singing valentines. Schlenk said it's really for everyone: Professors, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends.

Schlenk said the performers enjoy being able to sing to people they know and that it is a fun way for one to show someone you're thinking of them or love them.