The following is part of a weekly series featuring campus and area landmarks.

Laptops with only Facebook on their screens, students frantically trying to print out the entire semester’s review sheets and one person not quite realizing his/her headphones aren’t plugged in — the Purdue libraries are arguably the most popular place on campus this time of year with many students coming to study and socialize.

Many students flocked to HSSE, Parrish Library and the newly renovated Hicks Undergraduate Library to prepare for their upcoming final exams.

“The libraries are a fine, distinguished establishment where students like myself can converse about major educational topics, especially in these times of increased stress of upcoming final examinations,” Garrett Brown, a senior in the College of Liberal Arts, said.

The new decor in Hicks, such as the lounge area with booth seating and an iDesk to assist students with technology and library resources, as well as having the upstairs portion open 24 hours, are changes from previous years.

“As finals approach, and as we prepare to open several of our libraries for 24/7 availability, our awareness is heightened about just how important our libraries and our roles are to our students,” James Mullins, dean of Libraries at Purdue University, said.

“Libraries that were ‘nearly full’ most of the semester ‘nearly exceed’ capacity during this critical period in the academic semester as students hold impromptu study collaborations — sometimes while sitting on the floor or in a stairwell,” Mullins said.

Even through the crowded conditions, students still are thankful for the open study space the libraries provide.

Morgan Redemann, a senior in the College of Agriculture, says the renovations to Hicks earlier this year are a vast improvement over how the space was utilized before.

“I have never liked studying in libraries, specifically due to the deafening silence. But a recent midnight rendezvous for a final project at Hicks has changed my perspective,” Redemann said. “I haven’t been to Hicks since last year, but the changes made are very conducive to how I can best study and be productive, some white noise with a focused atmosphere.”