When members of the Purdue Varsity Glee Club sent an audition video to a hit NBC singing show, they received a call from a casting director within 45 minutes.

Nick Miller, a sophomore in the College of Engineering and spokesperson for the group,  said after the group sent in its audition video to The Sing-Off: Season 3 he received two calls: one to schedule a live audition and another from the director of casting.

“The director of casting complimented us,” Miller said. “She seemed very excited.”

The Sing-Off is a competition show that features 10 a capella vocal groups from across the nation and the winning group walks away with a Sony Music recording contract and $100,000.

“Regardless of what happens, it’s a good experience for all involved,” Miller said. “We’re taking it to the next level and we’d really like to exemplify what Purdue Music Organization is all about.”

The Glee Club came up with the idea to audition for the show through the urging and guidance of assistant director Ted Arthur.

“All of the guys in Glee Club are passionate about it,” Miller said. “A lot of guys had watched the past couple of seasons and we decided we could do it; we could be that good.”

Arthur also created the arrangements for the songs the group will be singing: “Teenage Dream,” “Grenade” and “Under la Boardwalk.”

A club audition was held and 15 members were chosen to participate, the maximum the show allows for a group.

Allan Summers, a senior in the College of Agriculture said the group has the potential to stand out from others at the audition.

“We have choreography,” Allan said. “That’s not a big thing you’ve seen in seasons past ... Most people kind of have formation change but we have a whole new spin to it. We actually sound good doing it too.”

Summers said the most important thing the group needs to remember is to treat the audition like any other Glee Club performance.

“We all want it to be amazing,” Summers said. “Sometimes the passion can get in the way ...  but we all want it to be great and we all know how big this could be for all of us and Purdue ... we can’t get ahead of ourselves.”

Whether the group is cast for the show or not, members said they are excited for the opportunity and are proud to represent Purdue.

“We’re glad that they liked the audition video,” Summers said. “But we definitely have much more in store.

The 15 Glee Club members will audition live for The Sing-Off Saturday in Chicago.