Reader questions Purdue student’s school spirit

I found it bothersome that there was a story in the Tuesday paper about how some students are caught in a dilemma as to who they will be cheering for this Saturday when we play Notre Dame. I understand that people have families and reasons for liking other universities, but when it comes to a matter of whether or not you’re going to be cheering for YOUR university, I think there isn’t a question about it. Collegiate athletics is special in that unlike professional sports, fan bases consist of students and alumni. There’s a deeper connection to college teams because those teams link us to the universities where we spend our early years of our adult lives. This allows us to take ownership and pride in our experiences at our respective universities. This pride can be translated into academic success, arts, business, etc., but one of widest reaching aspects of our school pride can be found in athletics.

I never use the word “we” when speaking about professional sports teams, but it is a word that I always use when speaking about Purdue athletics because I take great pride in my university. You may like another university for its athletics, but if faced with the choice of cheering for YOUR university or another that you just happen to like, choose the one that you will eventually receive your diploma from. (Grad/transfer/etc. students, you’re the exceptions as long as you’re hailing only from institutions that you came from.)

Foo Pham, senior in the College of Engineering

All students have the right to use libraries to study

I’m writing this to express my annoyance with the guy who is annoyed about members of the Greek system using the library. I’m not sure if you’re aware of the etiquette surrounding disagreements but let me educate you. If you have an issue with the way someone is using the library, you have a few options. You could go up to that person directly and ask them to change what their doing. You could ask the librarian to ask them. You could switch libraries. Nobody is forcing you to study at that particular one. Turning on the newest My Chemical Romance CD and venting to the school newspaper is a poor way to handle it. Although if the written word is how you express yourself best I suggest you get a Tumblr.

As it turns out the library is for all Purdue students (not just the non-Greek students), and they are free to use it as they please. There are also a variety of uses for the library. I constantly see people eating and sleeping in it.

This is not the “intended” use for the library but you don’t see me ranting and raving about these students’ blatant disregard for “intended library use.”

The real issue here is you don’t like the Greek system. That’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion but don’t hide behind the library when making your point. Sorry if we didn’t give you a bid. Spring rush starts in February, I think.

John Wineman, senior in the College of Science

Letter about Purdue library prompts reader to respond

As a member of a Greek fraternity here at Purdue I am a little disappointed in the way we have been represented within this newspaper recently. I believe that many people on this campus believe that we are unproductive party animals who do nothing but sit around and drink ourselves stupid. This actually could not be further from the truth. Fraternities and sororities hold an incredibly valuable and important position on this campus, but as a student body we have allowed ourselves to let a few represent the whole community. Everyone seems to forget that Greeks hold events to raise money for various charities every year. The events are varied from the theta-beta grill-off, which provides funds for the Tippecanoe division of the National Court-Appointed Special Advocates, to Zeta Tau Alpha’s Big Man on Campus, which raised $146,000 for breast cancer research last year alone. To me this speaks volumes to the character of the men and women in the Greek community. Our campus newspaper categorized Greeks as “obnoxious neanderthals.” Those words were printed in an editorial on September 28. I find this incredibly insulting and am disgusted that a campus news paper would allow such slander to be printed. The fact that everyone who wears letters is called out is ridiculous. We have allowed ourselves to generalize one small group’s actions into, “frat-antics”. I’m personally sick of our own newspaper printing stuff like this and think the Exponent needs to exhibit some integrity.

James McCurdy, sophomore in the College of Engineering