Making the college application process as easy as possible for high school students can only help the future of Purdue.

Purdue has chosen to exclusively use the Common Application, also known as the Common App, for high school seniors. The University has taken some of the stress of out the strenuous process of college application and acceptance. It is easy for students to get lost in the variations of essay questions that are directed for admission to that specific college. Having to fill out the same basic information dozens of times adds to wasted time as well.

At Purdue you won’t be considered just another number that has paid the application fee. One essay question, specific to Purdue, gives the author something that can set them apart from just their class ranking and extracurricular activities. It’s the same way for many colleges that use the Common App. Asking for one writing submission after all of your basic information has already been provided. Nothing has been taken away from applying to Purdue by using something that is named “common.”

Purdue is one of four schools in the Big Ten that uses the Common App, and more schools should follow suit. Paving the way for Purdue’s choice to use the Common App were Northwestern in 2006,Michigan in 2010 and Ohio State in 2012. With over 500 colleges using the Common App, it’s not just a choice that a few colleges have exercised. Prestigious Ivy League schools like Columbia University, Dartmouth College and Harvard all use the Common App as well.

There were 723,576 applicants that used the Common App last year, for 3.05 million unique applications. That can only mean more applications for Purdue for its ease of use.

In an already stressful time for many students, making this process as easy as possible should be something that colleges should look to find a solution to. Purdue has made a smart decision by using the Common App, similar to any student that applies to the University.