The Exponent joined the Purdue basketball team for another practice Wednesday morning. The players have been doing individual workouts on Cardinal Court in Mackey Arena from 6 to 9 a.m.

Each player took part in specific drills for 40 minutes with one of the coaches and different groups came in at different times. Each group worked out as a trio.

Freshman Kendall Stephens, who injured his shoulder in the senior season of his high school career, took part in drills to work on his three-pointer. His shoulder seemed to holding up fine as he was pretty consistent from long range. One drill he took part in was running off a screen and then spotting up for a three. In another drill he simply ran to different spots around the arc and shot from long range. Once he found his groove in each drill he would consistently make four or five threes in a row. Look for Stephens to play around the perimeter this season as Purdue tries to make the most of his shooting ability.

Sophomore guard Stephen Toyra, who saw limited time last year, worked on shooting from mid-range and in set of shots he went 10-15. Also guard Jon McKeeman worked on being guarded closely as he brought the ball up to the top of the key. After his work out he worked on his shooting form on the sidelines before leaving the gym.

In the guards group, that includes Bryson Scott, Ronnie Johnson and Sterling Cater there was more of a focus on ball handling and finished with a drill that included as three players. Coach Jack Owens would bring the ball up while one player stood in the corner defended by the another player. The third guard's role was to move around a pick set by Coach Greg Gary and move back to defend Owens. The pass would then go to the corner were it became a one-on-one situation between the two guards. Interesting matchups were provided as Sterling Carter covered a taller Bryson Scott and Ronnie Johnson was defended by Scott.

Freshman Bryson Scott worked on his dribbling and his mid-range shot. In the first part of his workout he practiced dribbling up the court while trying to get around the defense. He then moved on taking a pass and spotting up for a shot around the free throw line. In one drill where he was taking shots from a few feet behind the free throw line he went 10-13 shooting. Scott looks like he has a good command of the dribble and will make a lot of shots inside the arc.

Guard Ronnie Johnson had a workout similar to Scott's as he worked on dribbling and shooting. In the first part of the workout he worked on dribbling around defenders and going to the basket. Johnson worked with both hands to lay the ball up in the basket. In another drill he worked on shooting from long range from different spots around the arc. In one instance from the right side, he went 19-25 from three point range.

Sterling Carter worked on dribbling drills throughout the majority of his practice time. Carter was even using a weighted ball at one point, which was apparent when it rolled over to one Exponent writer and he tossed it back. Carter worked on his ball handling as he brought the ball up and down the key, dribbling in between different obstacles. Carter also worked on his outside shot from the corner.