David Boudia will be a judge on a 2013 ABC reality show called “Celebrity Splash.”

The Olympic gold winning medalist announced Thursday afternoon he would join Greg Louganis who won gold medals in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics. Boudia said diving isn’t a big sport and hopefully this show will increase the American diving fanbase.

“Nobody cares about diving a month after the Olympics,” Boudia said. “(Celebrity Splash) is kind of a Dancing with the Stars format so I’ll be critiquing it. It should be interesting, I have never done any type of TV stuff.”

No premier date has been set for the series but it is scheduled to start sometime in 2013.

“They are hoping it is going to be a 10 year show, but right now we are starting off with eight episodes,” Boudia said.

The diver said if the show has the same affect as other reality shows, it could present a great opportunity for kids who may be interested in the sport in the future.

“You just look at all these dancing and singing shows, more people are doing ball room dancing,” Boudia said. “If we can get the sport out there in any way we can like this show, that’s awesome. Diving isn’t a big sport. If it could get to the point like other sports there could be great opportunities for other kids.”