Purdue Pete won’t be getting any phone calls – maybe – since he missed out on the chance to be featured in a Big Ten mascot YouTube video.

On Thursday, a video featuring seven Big Ten mascots was released on Michigan State’s “TheRealSparty” YouTube page dancing to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” The video is the latest among a slew of remakes and covers, including one by Harvard’s baseball team and another by the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.

Purdue Pete was not featured in the video.

Janel Rutzen, who coordinates Sparty appearances at Michigan State, said the University of Nebraska and Michigan State worked together to come up with the idea for the video.

She said it was not the spirit coordinators who were contacted from each University.

“It was the mascots who were contacted directly,” Rutzen said.

Indiana, Illinois and Michigan were not included because they don’t have “animated mascot characters.” It was first believed that Purdue and Northwestern declined the opportunity to participate. However, Tom Schott, associate athletics director of communications, said Michigan State emailed the mascots and Purdue did not respond in time.

“They emailed a former Pete at Purdue, who forwarded the email to a current Pete,” Schott wrote in an email. “The current Pete didn’t see the email until after the video was shot.”

Schott said Purdue would have loved to participate in the video. Nick Houin, one of four Purdue Petes, said he would have participated had he known about it.

“I would have danced with our cheerleaders or something like that,” Houin said. “It’s pretty funny. I think they did a good job.”

The video received more than 107,000 hits within its first day. Highlights include Sparty showing off the most advanced dance moves in the group and Minnesota’s Goldy emerging from underwater. To see the video visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxhIhHv8oIM&feature=player_embedded.