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Stir leads team to agree to stay off Twitter

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Posted: Friday, October 7, 2011 10:00 am

The football team has agreed to no longer tweet for the remainder of the season due to a stir earlier in the week.

Following Purdue's 38-10 loss against Notre Dame, quarterback Robert Marve tweeted in response to a comment head coach Danny Hope made while addressing media.

Hope said Marve had been "playing out of Purdue's system."

Marve tweeted, "@RMarve9: Don't understand how I was not playing in the system! It was rough from the get go, don't understand how that was on me."

Marve's tweet prompted responses from other members of the team. Senior safety Albert Evans tweeted, @Shwaggin32: People will always have their opinions...then again they wish they were in your shoes."

Former receiver Keith Smith also tweeted at Marve, "@KeithSmith8: @RMarve9 don't try to understand it, you never will. It's all said to distract everyone to where the real problem is. Which U and I kno!!"

When asked about the tweets, Hope said he wasn't offended by the tweet.

"Most of the time when I read these things or these things come to me I'm trying to figure out what the big deal is all about," Hope said. "It's amazing how people sometimes spin things for their own advantages. Sometimes people don't have a whole lot to do other than to try to make something out of something that's not much at all."

Wednesday evening, the players agreed not to tweet for the rest of the season.

Redshirt freshman defensive end Ryan Russell tweeted, "@RKRelentless: PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT EVERYONE! I will not be on Twitter until after football season. Please keep me in your hearts and tweets! Be back soon!"

Senior kicker Carson Wiggs' info on Twitter also reads, "Sorry to say that I won't be on Twitter until after our bowl game! Sorry. But have no fear, that just means I'll be back with lots of twitter ammo!"


Top tweets of the season:

@Wiggy_Bank (Carson Wiggs)

Got a really quality $20 youth bow and arrow yesterday and I guess you could say I'm no Robin Hood.

@ballinger (Kevin Ballinger)

I chipped my tooth today. I wish it was in more of a manly fashion, but I just hit myself in the face with the bar while lifting.

@ballinger (Kevin Ballinger)

I could never be in a frat because I only own off brand boat shoes

@HopefulDanny (Not Danny - Fake Danny Hope)

I sent Michael Floyd room service this morning that included an Irish coffee. I'm a prankster that way. #drunkenfool

@RobHenry15 (Rob Henry)

"Five days shalt thou labour, as the Bible says. The seventh day is the Lord thy God's. The sixth day is for football."

Lichty83 (Kurt Lichtenberg)

Coffee: $2...Gas: $50...Lunch: $7...Scaring @JHolla30 (Joe Holland) out of his mind by jumping out of the curtains by his bed: Priceless.

@Lichty83 (Kurt Lichtenberg)

I'm going to say "burr" like Gucci Mane at least 83 times today.

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