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Basketball team skeptical of fans' superstition

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Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 10:00 am

Although many Purdue basketball fans cannot help but notice eerie coincidences surrounding Robbie Hummel’s ACL injuries, he and the rest of the team are far more skeptical.

Such coincidences include the fact that the basketball team was playing against Minnesota when Hummel tore his ACL in February 2010. The Purdue football team was also playing against Minnesota when he re-tore the same ACL during the first practice of the season in October 2010.

When the football team played Minnesota again this year, Hummel said many Purdue fans took it upon themselves to offer him advice and requests to stay out of harm’s way.

“Yes, that was real,” Hummel said. “I probably had 10 or 12 people saying to lock myself in my room or don’t leave the house.”

Hummel and his teammates do not read into these coincidences but rather find them entertaining.

Junior DJ Byrd used a quote from “The Office,” a favorite television show of his, to express his thoughts on the issue.

“For me, I’ve never really had any (superstitions),” Byrd said. “I wouldn’t say I’m superstitious, but maybe I’m a little stitious.”

Hummel was apparently unfazed by the football schedule and opted for working on his jump shot rather than submitting himself to solitary confinement.

“I went out and shot with my dad,” Hummel said. “It was over fall break, so I went to the high school and shot around. Nothing happened.”

Hummel said he is confident in his health, especially considering the difference between his current state and his condition last season.

“In terms of coming back onto the court, I’m way ahead of where I was last year,” Hummel said.

Sophomore Travis Carroll said there was nothing superstitious about the situation.

“I’m not into that,” Carroll said. “I think it was just bad circumstances, bad luck.”

Regardless, Carroll said some superstitions athletes follow do have merit.

“For me, I do the same routine before every game,” Carroll said. “I would eat, go back to my place, put a movie on, take maybe a 45-minute to an hour nap, wake up, shower, eat a granola bar, come in and shoot around. I did that before every game.”

Hummel intends to use repetition and routine to help him get back into top shape for the season.

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