In a game that saw the Boilermakers trail only once briefly in overtime, Purdue beat Ohio State with important contributions from its offense, defense and special teams.

In the first quarter, Purdue dominated time of possession, controlling the ball for over nine minutes, while holding Ohio State's offense to zero first downs and only eleven total yards.

"We felt like if we could start fast it would really be the difference in the football game," head coach Danny Hope said. "Ohio State, throughout the course of the season so far, has not scored a lot of points. We felt if we could start fast and hold the points down we would have a real chance to win the ball game."

The Boilermakers carried its solid defensive play through to the half, where it led 17-7.

"We knew after the last two weeks that we hadn't played up to our ability," captain Joe Holland said. "It would be different if we turned on that film and we were getting out worked and were less physical and just weren't talented enough, but we knew that wasn't the issue. We really took this week of practice to focus on getting back to the fundamentals the things that got us those wins against Illinois and Minnesota. I think that went a really long way in how we performed today defensively."

In the second half, Ohio State, led by freshman quarterback Braxton Miller, finally started to shift the momentum by way of effective quarterback runs.

"(Miller's) unbelievable at the quarterback draw," Hope said. "If you take the quarterback draws out of play it may not be a contest today. He's really hard to tackle in the open field. He does a great job of getting the snap and setting up like he's gonna pass the football, and he waits longer before he takes off than most quarterbacks do when they execute that draw. We made some plays on it, but he's an outstanding athlete and he'll be one the great quarterbacks in the Big Ten when he gets more experience."

Miller's outstanding play continued for the rest of the game, and a late touchdown pass to wide receiver Jordan Hall tied the game at 20 with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter. Ohio State then had a chance to take its first lead of the day with a made extra point, but defensive tackle Bruce Gaston blocked it.

Danny Hope said his team works harder on special teams than

"We work on it all the time, and we had a blocked kick early in the year that won a ball game for us," Hope said. "We spend a lot of time on special teams. We probably spend more time on special teams than any other BCS football team. The way our staff is structured, a lot of it has to do with trying to feature special teams as being our difference-maker, and it has been throughout the course of the season."

The game then shifted to overtime, with each team getting a chance on both offense and defense. Purdue won the toss and elected to defend first, in the end zone closest to the student section.

Purdue's defense was able to contain Miller during Ohio State's possession, and forced it to kick a field goal on fourth down.

When Purdue got the ball back for its turn on offense, it was quarterback Robert Marve playing over Caleb TerBush.

After a couple of tough runs by Marve, he found wide receiver Gary Bush open streaking toward the end zone. After the play was reviewed, it was determined that Bush was out of bounds of the one-yard line.

On the very next play, Marve dove into the end zone for six points and the win.

"I just tried to put the ball where Bush could catch it," Marve said. "It was kind of one of those plays that you see it and you throw it. You know, I told myself that after the pick, ‘Don't throw something you don't see. See what you throw, throw what you see'."

After the game, Purdue fans rushed the field to celebrate the plays at the end of the game that made the win over Ohio State possible.

"Bruce Gaston made a huge game changing play, maybe season-changing play blocking that PAT," Holland said. "Then we were able to hold them to a field goal in overtime, and Gary Bush makes an unbelievable catch on the one-yard line. It was probably the most exciting 30 minutes of football I've ever been a part of."



Quarterback Robert Marve ran for a touchdown in overtime to give Purdue the 26-23 victory against Ohio State.

The win marks the second time in two years that Purdue won an upset victory against Ohio State at home.

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Fourth Quarter


(7:56) Purdue stops the Ohio State drive. Purdue take over at their own 15. 

(9:11) Miller with another third down conversion. 11 yard gain on the keeper.

(11:57) Miller carries for 17 yards on third down. First down Ohio State. 

(13:00) Ohio State starts drive at their own 20 yard line.

(13:11) Carson Wiggs hits a 44 yard field goal with the wind at his back. Purdue leads 20-14. 

(14:33)- Ralph Bolden with a 13 yard run to the Ohio State 32, first down Purdue.

Third Quarter

(1:02)- Purdue punts, Wiggs pins Ohio State at their own 7 yard line.

(3:46)- Roughing the passer penatly on Ohio State gives Purdue a first down. Purdue now at the Ohio State 39 yard line. 

(5:13)- After ten yard penatly on the kick, Purdue starts drive at their own 19 yard line. Purdue fumbles and recovered by Ohio State. The play is under further review. After review, play is overturned and Purdue keeps the ball.

(5:23)- Big defensive stop there by Purdue. Ohio State to punt. 

(7:31)- Fumble by TerBush recovered by Purdue. Purdue punts and Ohio State starts drive on their own 26.

(9:01)- TerBush completes pass to Edison for gain of 17.  First down Purdue. 

(9:34)- Raheem Mostert returns kickoff to the 30. Purdue starts their second drive.

(10:20)- Touchdown Ohio State on Braxton Miller six yard run. Extra point good. Purdue leads Ohio State 17-14. 

(12:21)- Ohio State driving, at the Purdue 19 yard line.

(13:30)- Jordan Hall from Wildcat gives Ohio State a 25 yard run. 

(14:41)- TerBush back on the field. Purdue forced to punt after an incomplete pass. 

15:00- Purdue starts from their own 20 in Wildcat formation. 

Second Quarter

(0:00) 50 yard field goal by Drew Basil goes wide right. Purdue still leads 17-7.

(2:29) Dan "Boom" Herron limps off the field hurt. Braxton sacked by Bruce Gaston, another punt for Ohio State. 

(3:19) Touchdown Purdue. Seven yard run by Ralph Bolden. Wiggs with the extra point. Purdue leads 17-7.

(3:31) 26 yard completion to Justin Siller. First and Goal for Purdue from the 7 yard-line. 

(4:45)- 15 yard personal foul penatly on Ohio State. 

(7:18)- Marve with nine yard pass for a Purdue first down

(8:34)- Robert Marve at quarterback for Purdue. 

(8:51)- Three and out for Ohio State. Purdue starts drive at their own 11. 

(9:43)- Ohio State starts on their own 37 yard-line. 

(10:41)- Siller recovers his own fumble. Third and six for Purdue. 

(11:36)- Purdue starts from their own 20. 

(11:42) Touchdown Ohio State on 38 yard pass from Braxton Miller. Ohio State hits extra point. Purdue lead cut to three. 

(14:54)- First punt of the game for Purdue. Ohio state starts from their own 30 yard line.

First Quarter

(0:00)- Third and 6 for Purdue at end of the quarter. Purdue holds Ohio State to 11 yards, while racking up 130 yards themselves. 

(2:28)- Sack by Short another punt for Ohio State. 

(4:05) Ohio State starts the drive from their own 22 yard line.

(4:09) Akeem Shavers with a four yard touchdown run. Wiggs with the extra point. Purdue leads 10-0. 

(5:02) TerBush to Gary Bush for a first down at Ohio State 9 yard line.

(6:03) First down pass to O.J Ross, gain of 15 yards to the Ohio State 25.

(7:02)- Third and 1 for Purdue from the Ohio State 40 yard-line.

(8:12)- Purdue starts their second drive from the 39 yardline. 

(8:58)- Purdue stuffs Braxton Miller, another three and out for Ohio State. 

(10:29)- Ohio State starts the drive at their own 20. 

(10:30) Purdue leads 3-0 on Carson Wiggs 19-yard field. Drive was 10 plays and 57 yards. Time of possession 3:13.

(10:32) TerBush pass to Edison incomplete. Field Goal unit out on the field. 

(11:44) TerBush pass to Gary Bush for first down. First and Goal for Purdue.

(13:35)- Purdue starts from their own 41. Ralph Bolden starts with a big carry of 20.

(13:53)- Three and out on Ohio State's first drive of the game. 

(15:00)-Ohio State starts from their own 20. 

Purdue wins toss and will kickoff to Ohio State. 

Temperature is 59 degrees with wind up to 20 m.p.h.

Welcome to Ross-Ade Stadium, we have a noon kickoff between Ohio State and Purdue.