The high school football coach of a recruit who has verbally committed to Purdue remembers him most by a sectional game when he stepped in mid-game for his injured older brother.

Steffon Martin, a sophomore at Arizona Western University who is transferring to Purdue this spring, was only a high school sophomore with little field experience at Pike High School in Indianapolis when his brother injured his ankle during a sectional championship game.

Head Coach Derek Moyers immediately put the younger Martin in as an inside linebacker. According to Moyers, Martin made key plays during the rest of the game which paved the way for the Red Devil’s advancement to the championship.

“I was nervous about the first play, but being on the field made me feel comfortable,” Martin said. “High pressure situations don’t bother me at all.”

Martin, who chose to attend a junior college during his freshman year in order to focus on academics, plans to begin attending Purdue in January as a communication major. He committed to Purdue earlier this month for the middle linebacker position after a visit to campus when he met coaching staff and players.

Although middle linebacker will be a switch from his Arizona Western position as an outside linebacker, Martin is not concerned about the transition.

“It’ll be easy; football’s football,” he said. “Playing as a linebacker, it’s all the same. Once you can adapt to anything, it’ll be natural to you.”

During his freshman season at Arizona Western, Martin made 62 total tackles and five sacks in addition to recovering four fumbles.

While Martin describes what he’ll bring to the Boilermakers as “a whole lot of work ethic and a guy that knows a little bit about football,” Moyers had more to say about Martin’s physical presence on the field.

“I don’t think that Purdue is going to be sorry that they got a kid that’s as physical as he is,” Moyers said. “He will flat run right through you if he gets a chance.”

Besides being able to see his family at games, Martin had one word to describe what he is most looking forward to about being a Boilermaker: