In regards to the Izzone member who yelled “I hope you tear your ACL again” to Robbie

Hummel, Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo said he’d love to see the kid and tell him what he thinks about the member.

“It’s uncalled for,” Izzo said. “It’s ridiculous. If that made Matt Painter mad and that led to other things, I completely understand. I sure hope it doesn’t get to the point that one or two idiots ruin it for 3,000 people.”

Izzo said didn’t have a

problem with the ‘Robbie Hummel’ or ‘Make a shot’ chants but he said the fan crossed the line when bringing up Hummel’s previous knee injuries.

“For a kid I respect more than anybody in the Big Ten who I called in the hospital when he got operated on, to be that ignorant that you would talk about an injury is unacceptable for me, for our president and for Matt Painter,” Izzo said.

Hummel said he received a few tweets but he didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

“I’ve heard worse things,” Hummel said. “I think it got blown out of proportion. I appreciate what they say but it’s really not necessary.”

The Paint Crew vice president and Mackey Madman Chris Blaney said one fan can ruin a game for everybody with malicious comments. The Paint Crew prides itself on being tough on opponents without being overly malevolent. The Paint Crew erases the problem by delegating one person, Blaney, to orchestrate cheers.

“With the one or two unruly fans, we have tried to emphasize to The Paint Crew that Purdue fans commend us for not acting (the way other student sections do),” Blaney said. “(Our fans) hope we set ourselves apart in that regard.”

The other incident that took place that caused scrutiny was when Michigan State forward freshman Branden Dawson said something to Matt Painter after a Spartan basket in the second half of Saturday’s game. Izzo said he reviewed the tape and saw nothing malicious was said between Dawson and Painter.

Dawson was heavily recruited by Painter before he committed to Michigan State. Most Purdue fans were bitter toward Dawson, but after he had a team-high 14 points against Purdue and made comments toward the Purdue bench, Blaney said Dawson is sure to hear it in his team’s Feb. 19 rematch against Purdue at Mackey Arena.

Although he said Dawson will hear it, Blaney said The Paint Crew will not do anything malicious toward him.

“The guy forgot he has to come back to West Lafayette in February so he will be hearing a lot from us,” Blaney said. “It won’t be anything evil, but we will have some stuff prepared. We will be prepared when Michigan State comes back to town.”