The men’s basketball team unveiled not only new jerseys at its game, but a new statement on Purdue team fashion.

Rather than featuring gold, black or white as the dominate color, the new jerseys are a silver-gray with black lettering.

While sporting the less traditional color, senior guard Lewis Jackson said he likes the idea of not only using black and gold when designing the team jerseys.

“A lot of old-school people might get mad at me. They like the traditional white and black,” Jackson said.

New jerseys with a new technical design were released in 2009. This design was intended to reduce wind resistance and excess loose fabric, as well as breathe better than the previously used material.

In addition to the well-known colors of white for home games and black for away games, the 2009 line of jerseys added a third design featuring gold as the dominate color.

Jackson said he prefers a variety of colors to represent Purdue through the teams apparel.

“They bring a little flavor to Purdue so we could switch it up,” Jackson said. “Silver, gold, white, black – it’s the new era.”

The new colors did not hold the Boilers down as they defeated Miami 76-65 to secure the fourth win for the Big Ten conference in the 2011 Big Ten/ACC Challenge. The Big Ten finished the first night of the challenge ahead 4-2.

Fans still can expect to see the Boilers clad in their well-known colors of black, white and, more recently, gold. However, if Jackson has his way, the new gray jerseys will not go unused.

“I’d wear them every night,” Jackson said. “I like them.”