Purdue graduates may have created their own full-time jobs depending on the success of a mobile application game they recently developed.

MorVid Interactive LLC, a Purdue Research Park affiliate firm, along with a team of Purdue graduates, launched Pak Attack, a game created for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

David Nelson, CEO and co-founder of MorVid, said they started the game from scratch about a year ago.

"We wanted to build games and get involved with the app marketplace," Nelson said. "Eventually we decided to do our own work, and wanted to make a game with the little money laid on the side."

The game is rated E for everyone and is designed for both children and adults. Chelsea Dill, head artist for Pak Attack and recent Purdue graduate, said the game tends to be popular with younger people.

"My brother downloaded it for our new iPad," she said. "He was playing it in the car and said it was actually really fun. I've been taking it out to public places for others to play."

The students involved with creating the game are waiting to see how successful Pak Attack is because they could have full-time jobs depending on it's popularity, according to Nelson. He said it may be three to six months before they can really know how well it's doing.

"In the iPhone marketplace you have to get through the junk to expand and get (the game) promoted," he said. "A decent game needs to be sold at a constant rate."

In the game, players can choose between four characters including Bunny, Dragon, El Roboto and Toucan. The goal of the game is to build a base using various materials and then take turns with an opponent to try and destroy each other's base using a range of different weapons.

Dill said she was in charge of all the visual aspects of the game including designing the characters, backgrounds, posters and promotional artwork. She had worked with MorVid before on a senior class project and heard about the opportunity to help develop the game.

"My favorite part was having so much freedom and brainstorming everything," Dill said. "I love collaborating in a work atmosphere like that."

Nelson said it was a challenge to still make money while trying to put time and resources aside to develop the game. He enjoyed the opportunity to make something of their own, even though he was working with a newer company.

"It was just really fun to develop something that's ours," he said. "To create a game family and friends can all play."

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