Moving away from home for the first time can be extremely overwhelming, which is why it’s important for new students to take the opportunity to make their dorm rooms feel like home. Decorating your dorm room allows you to get to know your roommate and make your room a place to relax.

Itzel Santos, a sophomore nursing student living in Windsor Hall, said she and her roommate would FaceTime over the summer to discuss and collaborate on their dorm décor.

Santos and her roommate chose to switch up their décor this year, working together to style their room with a “Boho” theme. Their space contains warm tones, vines, posters and artificial plants.

Santos said she and her roommate shopped separately after deciding on a theme. It was essential to have a theme for the dorm but still have their own unique spins on the theme, she said.

“I think this gives us the chance to individualize what each side will look like and make sure both our sides don’t look the same,” Santos said.

Emily Royster, a sophomore in neurobiology and pre-med, said she and her roommate used Pinterest to come up with the style for their freshman year dorm.

Royster is now living in Windsor Hall with the same roommate. They chose to keep the same décor but tweaked different things to update the room to their own personal styles.

Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are good places to look for items that make you want to wake up every day and look at them, Santos said. She said that she also really enjoys shopping at local thrift shops like Goodwill to find charming and exciting pieces that are cheap.

Royster said she and her roommate bought most of their décor at Target. Instead of having a futon like most college dorms, they chose two chairs for extra seating to prevent them from studying in their beds, she said.

Some students may feel homesick being away at school for the first time, and decorating with pictures from home may help remind them of their family.

“Each year, I’ve made a picture collage on my cork board that has pictures of friends and family. It’s a unique way to bring a piece of home with me to college,” Royster said.

Depending on what style you are going for in your dorm, you can also show off your Purdue pride. Even minor aspects of Purdue décor can be used to show off your school spirit, like throw blankets or pillows.

Royster said she does not have any Purdue items hanging on the walls, but she shows spirit for the Boilers in other forms.

“I have Purdue tie blankets and Purdue pins on my backpack, but I try to make the room feel like a home away from home,” Santos said. “I love being a Boilermaker and am so proud, but choose to express my pride in other ways.”

Purdue students want their dorms to feel like they have a place to call home. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your new space at Purdue feel like home to you.

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