8/21/19 Sister Pat

A woman called Sister Pat holds a homemade sign. She is one among a group of new preachers who appeared on campus at the start of the fall semester. She explained Monday why she thinks we deserve hell.

Sister Pat

Campus Ministry USA

Terre Haute, Indiana

Why does your sign say “You deserve hell”?

We all do. We’ve all sinned; we all need forgiveness. Our signs really get their attention. We want to get their attention, so we can talk to them and ask them questions or let them ask us questions and so forth.

How long have you been doing this and why?

This is my 40th year doing this. We go all over the United States and different university campuses. The students are young. We’re trying to get to the base of why they’re rejecting Christianity. They’ve got sins in their lives, and Jesus Christ can forgive it, if they confess it.

What reactions have you had from students?

Purdue has a very nice bunch of students. Most of them are just getting to class right now and they haven’t stopped that much, but the ones that do stop just asked me, “Hey, why do I deserve hell?” Later on at the end of the year, when they know where their classes are, that’s when they’ll stop and talk.

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