Purdue Bands & Orchestras will experience modern technology in its new home that it’s missed out on so far, including an elevator and a water bottle filler. Read more

The Air Force Research Laboratory awarded a $5.9 million contract to researchers at Purdue to create a quiet Mach 8 wind tunnel to help the advancement of national security and research. Read more

Six individuals, including Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson and Ronald Reagan's son, from diverse backgrounds came together to discuss their own experiences regarding religion and polarization at a panel on Wednesday. Read more

A classic ensemble from Berlin, "Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin" performed on campus, using a style of music that has recently experienced a revival.  Read more

Purdue President Mitch Daniels announced today the Purdue Fast Start program, designed to help Indiana high school students earn access to up to a year of college credit through free online courses and the corresponding College Level Examination Program exams. Read more

Toga-clad students and a tooth fairy, among others, gathered on icy ground under a light sprinkle of snow Saturday to jump into frigid water and raise money for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Read more

One and a half years of work culminated in a showcase of professionalism and excellence centering around the theme ikigai - a Japanese concept that loosely translates to a reason for being.

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Concrete that heals itself and talks to smart cars may be in the future of infrastructure.


On Saturday, TEDxPurdueU hosted a plethora of speakers that utilized the art of storytelling to convey their perspective on "ikigai," a Japanese concept that translates to mean a "reason for being," in Loeb Playouse. The profiles of the speakers ranged from psychotherapists to computing pion…