Purdue parking lot

The parking lot by the Co-Rec has been subject to several closures.

Purdue is working on a campus parking master plan, and has sought input from students, faculty and visitors via a survey on Purdue Today.

Zachary McClary, a junior and a senator for the College of Engineering in Purdue Student Government, is on the University Parking and Traffic Committee. The committee is working with Sam Schwartz, a transportation consultation company, to develop a Parking Master Plan.

The plan may be finalized in May or over the summer, McClary said.

McClary said the plan will attempt to decrease vehicle congestion on campus by keeping parking off-campus, and the ideal campus has people walking or commuting on public transportation.

"The idea is, I think, to some extent keep parking a little further from campus, and then transport people in from there," McClary said.

This largely coincides with the Campus Master Plan, released at a Board of Trustees meeting last October, which plans to make Third and Waldron streets closed to traffic and more walkable for pedestrians. 

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