Boiler Up

General use. Whenever “Boiler up!” comes up in a chant, pump your fist in the air like you’re pulling a train horn.

First-Down Chant

Whenever the Boilermakers make a first down, the student section chants “One, two, three, four, first down Boilers!” (If one listens carefully, sometimes a raunchier cheer can be heard.)

Keys at Kickoff:

During all kickoffs, students take out their keys and shake them in order to make as much noise as possible. If you don’t have keys or forget to bring them with you, some students wave their shoes in the air as a substitute.


After the third quarter, Boilermaker legends take the field to lead the entire stadium in the singing of “Shout” by the Isley Brothers, accompanied by Otis Day and the Knights’ performance from Animal House.

Breakfast Club

Students 21+ only. In the early morning before every home football game, intrepid students line the streets around every bar on campus, clad in Halloween costumes, clutching plastic beer mugs on a crawl up to Ross-Ade.

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