2/28/18 Shreve Hall

A battery to an electronic skateboard exploded early Monday morning in Shreve Hall, according to Purdue spokesperson Tim Doty.

An electronic skateboard caught on fire in Shreve Hall early Monday morning, according to Purdue spokesperson Tim Doty. 

"The battery on an electric skateboard exploded ... a little after 1 a.m." Doty said in an email. 

He noted that University Residences do not allow students to have battery or gas powered skateboards in residence halls.

Capt. Song Kang with the Purdue University Police Department said the explosion caused a "smoldering fire."

The ban on these devices came after incidents of similar nature took place when Hoverboard scooters came out a few years ago, Kang added. 

"We had actual fire," he said, "small sparks in Hillenbrand Hall."

No one was injured in the incident.

"The room must be cleaned, painted," Doty said, "and damage must be repaired."

Residents were able to return to their rooms within a few hours of the incident, he added.

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