5/14/19 Dan Coats Talk

Daniel Coats, a former Indiana senator and Congressman, answers audience questions while on stage with President Mitch Daniels during a Purdue symposium Tuesday.

Former Sen. and Congressman Daniel Coats, now the director of national intelligence, spoke Tuesday afternoon at a Purdue symposium on ethics, technology and the future of war and security.

In his short talk while he's back in Indiana for former Sen. Richard Lugar's funeral, he discussed issues within the intelligence community, including how to analyze and process the large amount of data available.

He also brought up the 2016 election, saying adversaries are using machine learning to influence elections.

To stay current in terms of intelligence, Coats mentioned reaching out to the private sector and the academic sector.

Though Coats is a graduate from Indiana University, he lauded the value of Purdue graduates, saying there are "no better students to hire."

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