Delta Delta Delta

The Delta Delta Delta house.

I am a woman at Purdue involved in the Delta Delta Delta sorority. After reading your “Why the Rush?” article published on September 7th, I feel many positive aspects of joining a sorority were left out. I can’t speak for every chapter at Purdue, but you chose to use only pictures of my chapter, so I feel the need to speak up.

Our recruitment is 100% values based. We do not talk about partying because we want girls in our chapter who value truth, self-sacrifice and friendship above all else. Leading a conversation about partying would be superficial at best. Comments about the appearance of potential new members are strictly forbidden, and I believe that nobody in my sorority would be making these comments even if they were permitted. I joined my sorority to be part of an empowered group of women who support each other. I also joined my chapter to gain valuable leadership experience and support philanthropic and volunteer efforts.

Reducing joining a sorority to a superficial experience based on looks, partying and fraternities is grossly inaccurate and I am disappointed that you did not include any comments from a member who enjoys their experience. In my opinion, you missed the mark on describing the sorority experience at Purdue and shamed those who chose to go through the process. Please, do better next time.

- Kayla Wrobleski, junior in the College of Science

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