Editor’s Note: This letter to the editor is in reference to an advertisement for an abortion reversal pill offered by Matrix LifeCare center, which ran in print on Sept. 23.

Though research on the abortion reversal pill has not definitively proven whether it is safe/effective or not, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has publicly stated that the pill is not supported by science and potentially dangerous to women. Multiple articles denouncing the pill have been published by Vox, The Washington Post and other news outlets citing a myriad of medical professionals. For that reason, The Exponent’s editorial board does not advocate for the use of the pill, and has decided not to publish the advertisement in the future.

The Exponent attempted to talk to Matrix, IU Health Arnett and Franciscan Hospital about the pill. Neither Matrix nor Franciscan responded to requests for comment by the time of print, and IU Health Arnett declined to comment.

The editorial board does not have a stance on abortion, and is a separate entity from the advertising department. We encourage you to talk to your physician in advance of any medical decisions.

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I was disappointed to see the Exponent accept the misinformation ad from Matrix claiming that there is an easy and effective “abortion pill reversal treatment.”

This is not true.

The treatment referred to has not been studied: the one actual scientific study had to be stopped due to side effects of heavy bleeding following the treatment. No news source should be publishing misleading or untrue advertising.

-Eric Thiel, West Lafayette resident

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