7/31/2020 PUPD Sign

A rape reported to a “campus security authority” occurred early Monday morning on the 200 block of Russell Street, according to Purdue University Police Department logs.

No further information was available in the entry or from PUPD Capt. Song Kang. PUPD’s log entry was a notification that a CSA report had been filed, but any details pertaining to the incident would be contained within the CSA report itself, which is not publicly available.

Kang said he believes the report was filed immediately, meaning the incident occurred some time between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Until the victim comes directly to the police, Kang said no other information will be released, as CSA personnel are bound by a confidentiality understanding.

A second report appeared in PUPD’s online log report Wednesday. The time and date information provided indicates that the report concerns the same incident as the CSA report mentioned in Monday’s logs, but Kang was unable to confirm the connection.

“We may or may not be able to determine if they’re identical,” Kang said in a phone call.

Whether the reports concern the same incident is “not relevant to the investigation” per Kang. The case is currently under investigation, according to the logs.

PUPD creates a database of all CSA reports logged with the police over the course of the year. The Campus Safety Report for a given year is assembled during the next year and includes data from the previous two years. The CSR including 2019’s data is expected to be released by the end of November or December, Kang said.

PUPD has received three rape reports in 2020 as of Wednesday night, Kang said. Two of those reports were filed directly, the third one being through a CSA. These reports are filed with the department no matter where or when the incidents occurred, as long as they involve Purdue students. A year’s total of reports may contain incidents that occurred earlier than the reporting year, but they are included for transparency, according to Kang.

Each of 2020’s incidents reportedly occurred on campus property. One is said to have occurred in “on-campus student housing,” which the CSR’s language indicates is included in the definition of “campus property.” Kang was unable to confirm this distinction by Wednesday night.

2019 saw 16 reports in on-campus property, with 14 occurring in student housing.

Kang said the 2020 number is much lower because campus has been empty for most of the year. The majority of students left in March due to Purdue’s COVID-19 shutdown, and many didn’t return until classes resumed in August.

The two reports will be included as separate entries in the 2020 CSR per Kang. The department does not merge reports that appear to be about the same incidents because it could be taken as the police department trying to downplay the number of incidents and reports on campus.

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