9/7/19 Tyler Trent Gate opening, gate unveiling

The crowd of students and fans applauds as the new Tyler Trent Student Gate is unveiled Saturday afternoon.

A long line stretched in front of the recently unveiled Tyler Trent "T2" Memorial Gate before Saturday's noon game against Vanderbilt.

The gate was dedicated on what would have been Trent's 21st birthday.

"To have this legacy here for my children to see and many generations to see," said Ethan Trent, Tyler Trent's brother, "it's incredible."

Mike Berghoff, the chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Purdue President Mitch Daniels both spoke at the unveiling, along with Tyler Trent's father.

Trent, who was diagnosed with bone cancer at 15, supported Purdue until his death on Jan. 1. Among other things, he was an avid supporter of the football team, of Purdue University Dance Marathon, wrote sports stories and columns for The Exponent, was a student member on the Advancement Board of Purdue's Center for Cancer Research and helped raise thousands of dollars for the center. 

"Everything centered around Tyler seems to be something magical," Berghoff said.

Ethan Trent said if his brother were there, he would be in awe and "incredibly honored."

Trent's family was the first to walk through the new gate, and Berghoff urged students to touch a placard of Trent before entering the gate.

Daniels spoke of the legacy Trent left.

"Although no one here and no one who lived through the events of the last 12 months will ever forget Tyler Trent," he said, "we don't want anybody in the future to either."

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