Thursday morning, the Board of Trustees met to discuss approvals and shed light on new Purdue statistics.

President Mitch Daniels spoke about Purdue’s faculty publications reaching roughly 17,600, including 138,500 citations by outside sources. The faculty is on pace to break many 2014 entrepreneurial records, mostly by graduate students.

Another topic discussed was the undergraduate application breakdown. The applications were up 17 percent, with more than 6,400 additional applications, which broke the Purdue record for undergraduate applications. Also, the number of undergraduate deposits were up 23 percent, with more than 307 additional deposits.

The number of United States non-resident graduate applications were also up 17 percent. Additionally, the number of women and African-American applications increased.

The Board also voted to make changes at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne in the department of engineering. They decided to split the department into two: the department of civil and mechanical engineering and the department of electrical and computer engineering.

In the College of Liberal Arts, a regular bachelor of arts was made into a bachelor of fine arts in the department of art and design. The majors qualifying for the bachelor of fine arts would be interior design, integrated studio design, industrial design and visual communications.

”Over the next 10 years both the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Indiana Department of Workforce Development project growth for jobs in these programs,” said David L. Sigman, Purdue professor of visual and performing arts and department chair.

Also in the College of Liberal Arts, Justin S. Morrill Dean Irwin “Bud” Weiser will be stepping down as dean March 1, but will still be a faculty member of the College of Liberal Arts English department.

“Serving Purdue as the Justin S. Morrill Dean has been the greatest honor and greatest pleasure of my career,” said Weiser. “I’ve had the opportunity to promote Purdue’s mission as a land-grant university established by a Morrill Act in 1862, embracing its purpose.”

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