11/25/19 Mental health

Purdue's Counseling and Psychological Services now offers single-session appointments from Dec. 2 through Friday. 

Students may sign up online for a "Single Session, Solution Focused" appointment with a therapist, according to the CAPS webpage. 

Director Susan Prieto-Welch said these sessions are offered toward the end of the semester because this may be a more stressful time for students. 

"Focusing on something in the moment and trying to assist a student through some focused work can be helpful in alleviating some amount of stress, anxiety or concern that may feel intensified at this point in time," Prieto-Welch said via email. 

The appointment requires a student to complete a brief assessment, similar to the initial assessment, then meet with a therapist for 45 to 50 minutes to focus on a present concern. 

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