9/28/21 Hotel Management Class Photos, Front of Hotel

The overhang of the Union Club Hotel.

A 57-year-old homeless woman has been charged with criminal trespass after allegedly refusing to leave her room Friday at the Purdue Union Club Hotel.

Hotel employees told Purdue police that Pamela Joy Fredericks, also known as Pamela Joy Pol, had checked into her room Thursday and was supposed to have checked out Friday, according to a probable cause affidavit. She had not paid for the room and was not answering the phone, they said. When staff members opened her room door, she yelled that they could not enter, and employees then called police.

Officers learned the woman had "multiple trespass warnings from hotels in Lafayette," according to the court record.

An officer tried to enter the room with a key card, but it would not open; employees said she must have used the deadbolt, according to the affidavit. Fredericks answered the officers' attempts at conversation with only the phrase "You are not allowed in here" and references to being in a witness protection program.

Officers eventually forced open a door into the room, where Fredericks was "sitting on a love seat in the far corner of the room holding a large red dictionary with both arms across her chest." She was eventually taken into custody.

"It was apparent that Pamela had placed most, if not all, of her worldly possessions inside the room and taken permanent residency inside," the officer wrote in the affidavit, including a small portable oven, kitchen spices, passport and other identification, a photo album, and horse halters and lead rope.

Friday night, another PUPD officer spoke with Fredericks at the Tippecanoe County Jail to tell her she was being banned from campus and, he wrote, "It should be noted Fredericks was not making much sense."

She is still in the jail as of Tuesday afternoon on $250 bond.

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